Places to stay at Coffs Harbour! we have heaps!

Coffs Harbour has lots of Places to stay…!


It’s your choice! we have Holiday options for you!


.. Go budget at Backpackers or Caravan Parks,

Coffs Harbour is very popular for backpacking, No wonder, with so much adventure in the area!
Scuba Diving and Learn to dive courses, Whitewater rafting the famous Nymbodia river, skydiving with Coffs City skydivers or even Surf lessons, and Surf rafting!


…… The Motel option

Coffs Harbour has so many motels to choose from, we wouldn’t know where to start!
Within the area near the shop alone, we have heaps. The Motels range from budget to really fancy, so the choice is yours. We have listed some here.


……… Be self contained at an Apartment, maybe a luxury one with a spa?

In just the jetty area we have lots of self contained apartments, from standard style to fancy and luxurious with a view! We have listed some here that we have dealt with for groups the come diving with us. What is your style?


……………… Or live it up at a Resort

Coffs Harbour has some lovely resorts, some with their own golf courses! They rate from 3 star right thru to 4 1/2 star and have a range of locations.
We have listed a few here, some we have great feedback from, So if you want to spoil yourself at a resort, Coffs Harbour has what you want!


Scuba Dive the best of New South Wales at Coffs Harbour

Come and dive the legendary Solitary Islands, where tropical fish from the north mix with their cousins from the cooler south. An area so diverse in marine life it is not unusual to discover something new every dive adventure. Our dive sites vary from the caves and gutters of Grey Nurse Sharks to lush coral gardens, all abound with countless varieties of marine life. The Jetty Dive Centre offers daily trips on demand aboard their two charter boats, their instructors and dive leaders will take you to all the best

Over a dozen restaurants, pub, fishing and yacht club all within two minutes walk of the Dive Centre.