I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light

$595.00 $499.00


The I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light is one of the best Video and Focus Light on offer from I-Dive pushing out a massive 2800 lumens.

The I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light is perfect for Go Pro to larger Video cameras with using arms covering a 110 degree beam width.



I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light. Amazing light from a Compact Video light!

The I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light pushes out a massive 2800 lumens of white light covering an impressive 110 degrees.

The I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light will surely light the way for all your video and focus lighting needs. The 110 degree smooth even beam means there won’t be any hot spots in your images!

With a choice of 3 LED lighting modes, White light, Red light and UV light, this has to be one of the best compact video lights around, and at the price, exceptional value.

I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light features:

LED: 4x XML white, 2x XPG red, 2x 3W UV.
Brightness: 2800 lumens max.
: 1x 32560 Li battery, with 1 spare in kit.
Beam Angle: 110 degrees.
Burn Time: 50 mins at 100%
Mode: 4 Brightness level of white light, 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%.
2 levels of red light, 100% and 50%.
UV setting and SOS flashing
Others: Battery indicator on button changes colour to indicate Battery level
The I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light comes with a YS mount to adapt to flexible and ball joint style arms. Also include is a lanyard to use around your wrist as a stand alone torch.
Photo taken below with a UV light which the I-Torch Pro 6+ Underwater Video Light has!!!
The next step up from there is the I Dive Venom 38 video light boasting 3800 lumens. Now that is bright!
I-Torch and Fishlite have brought to the Video Light scene, some great value Video Lights.
No longer do you need large battery packs for longevity of power, these lights have great burn times. Our trials and use of these lights show the need to reduce the strength to 75% or 50% power otherwise it can be too bright. This means even longer burn time.
 In the Fishlite range are the Fishlite G22 Video Light (2200lumens) and Fishlite G16 Video light (1600 lumens) and Fishlite V10 Video light (1000 lumens) at great prices


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