UK SL4 ELED Dive Torch

$179.00 $159.00

The UK SL4 eLED Single high power 6-watt white LED replaces clusters of smaller LEDs to produce a narrow focused beam



UK SL4 ELED Dive Torch packs a mighty punch

The 6-watt white LED lamp contained in the UK SL4 ELED Dive Torch is the most indestructible source of illumination for diving available today. Unlike the standard glass envelope lamps used since Edison

  • High brightness and extended battery life minimize need to change batteries
  • Single handed switching with thumb or index finger
  • LED will not break when dropped and lasts thousands of hours
  • Available with both, white and ultra violet LEDs
  • Equally great performance in and out of water for home or work
  • Controlled output for constant brightness during battery life
  • Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance
  • Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
  • Proudly made in the USA

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