9th October 2021 – Diving from Mega Wild

2 weeks ago

Mega Wild and divers

Today we decided to take out Mega Wild on the dive trip!! Cruising a steady 25knots into a NW wind Mega Wild was out to South Solitary Island in about 20mins.
On arrival the visibility was an epic 20-25m visibility, but water temp was a cooler 19C.
Dive one the certified divers got in at Manta Arch and finished at Shark Gutters while the students stayed in the shallows at Shark Gutters. Lots to see at these locations including Grey Nurse Sharks, Wobbegongs, Turtles, Black Cod and two Scalloped Hammer Heads in the shallows!!
Dive two was a Drift from Shark gutters down to The Gantry for the certified and the students started and finished at The Gantry. This is a favourite for everyone with a huge variety of marine life throughout the dive, we had schools of Bullseyes, Pomfreds and Snapper. The Gantry area had at least 10 turtles it was amazing and was the highlight!!

Photo taken today of Open Water Students Phoebe and Lois with Mega Wild in the background

Visibility 20-25m
Temp 18-19C