The divesite of Hidden Treasures

On the southern end of South Solitary Island is Cable Trail, named after the location of a Trawlers cable that allowed for easy navigation, now all but gone.

Cable Trail is a divesite that can be full of exiting and unusual fish one day, to a quiet and somewhat plain site the next. But it always has a hidden unusual critter that you would not find on other sites.

The mooring is located on the top of a 12-14 metre platform that has very large rocks spread over it.
Not far away from the mooring, as you head away from the island, the bottom drops away to 18 mtrs and follows in a south easterly direction the edge of the island, slowly getting deeper and deeper.

What you’ll see at Cable Wall….

What you see on most dives!
What you might see, if you’re lucky!

Hazards or Dangers

Currents: Depending on the season, Cleaner Station Mooring can be exposed to quite strong currents, this can make it difficult to start and finish the dive in the same location. (the Cleaner Station gutter itself is usually calm) The current usually heads from north to south around the island, and can be too strong to swim against. Cleaner Station on a small current day, is a good mooring to start a drift dive for a long duration. Beware! The current at this point can swing divers around the Eastern side of South Solitary, not the side to drift dive, usually!

Be careful if you are diving from a boat without a surface watch! We do not recommend this in this area with that current!

We usually operate our charter Dive Trips to utilize the currents, not fight them, We start at Shark Gutters or Cleaner Station and drift along the Boulder wall, finishing usually near the Gantry Mooring. This Drift Dive is a favourite of all who join us!