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Shark Gutters (short for Grey Nurse Gutters) is located right on the Northern end of South Solitary Island. It has a prominent feature, a Gutter! ( an underwater valley)
Shark gutters mooring is 12 metres deep, and is the start of a gutter between Birdie Island and Little Birdie rock which spans out from South Solitary Island in a northerly direction. This area is covered with rocks, with a moderate cover of corals and is unreal for animals of different species.


Why do they call it Grey Nurse Gutters?

Well, it was a home to a large amount of grey nurse sharks in years gone by, and now it is still possible to see these animals during the winter months here and even other times of the year we have the occassional sighting .
The “Shark Gutters” have a boulder wedged between the two sides of the gutter and offers a great swim thru adventure into the end of the gutter, that can hold a new mystery of what you could see, every time!


What you’ll see at Shark Gutters (Grey Nurse Gutters)..


What you see on most dives!
What you see on most dives!

Hazards or Dangers

Currents: Depending on the season, Shark Gutters Mooring can be exposed to quite strong currents, this can make it difficult to start and finish the dive in the same location. (the gutters themselves are usually calm)
The current usually heads from north to south around the island, and can be too strong to swim against. Shark gutters on a small current day, is the best mooring to start a drift dive, as the current right at the top of South Solitary, may be stalled in this area
Be careful if you are diving from a boat without a surface watch! We do not recommend this in this area!

We usually operate our charter Dive Trips to utilize the currents, not fight them, We start at Shark Gutters or Cleaner Station and drift along the Boulder wall, finishing usually near the Gantry Mooring. This Drift Dive is a favourite of all who join us!