North West Island – Gutters of Coral Reef

On the western side of North West Solitary Island are three mooring (usually!), the perfect location for diving on a day of easterly style winds
North West Solitary Island is a divesite that like Split Solitary Island, can be amazing, with extensive Coral gardens of Plate coral, This site has gutters of fish with ridges of coral with a lot of macro life.

The moorings is located in 10-12 metres of water on the contour of deeper water and shallow 8 metre and shallower reef.
The divesite can get to 18 metres deep, but usually varing between 12 and 16 metres. Not a big fish divesite compared to South Solitary, with usually less visibility, but at the warmer time of the year, Manta Rays are what we come for!, North West Solitary can be a great dive.



What you’ll see at North West Solitary’s western Moorings..
What you see on most dives!
What you might see, if you’re lucky!

Hazards or Dangers

Currents: No current usually, an ideal site for the first dive in the area, as it is an easy dive.
Be careful with your navigation this area has been known to get people lost! The visibility at North West Solitary is not always good, hence this problem.
Navigation tip! If you are getting deeper, maybe you are moving away from the island!