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We do Test Dives and give you the reports !  

Here at Jetty Dive, Coffs Harbour, we have the choice to stock any of the top brands of scuba equipment. The best equipment at the most competitive prices with top quality service! This is a page to link to our Scuba Equipment Product Tests and Info!

We carry the full product ranges of Suunto, Oceanic and Aqualung , with select products from the other top brand companies.

We use it and it’s in our hire gear. We are proud to stock and sell and also tell you what it’s like with Test dives!

If it is listed on this page, we have tested it. We then give you our opinion on it’s performance!


Aqualung/Apeks Regulators. Excellent regulators for simple technology, ease of use and servicing. Top end performance to Rugged workhorses.

Oceanic/Hollis Regulators have the best reliability and performance that can’t be beat! . This company offers a Australian only “Free parts for life policy” .

Bouyancy Compensators      Aqualung Rogue BCD

Oceanic BCDs have reliability and features, while in technical equipment, Hollis and  have comfort and adjustability to suit you and your diving style.

Aqualung BCDs are full of features and the most reliable we have. Seaquest by Aqualung have excellent comfort and design.



Fantastic Fabric suits, tops and pants. All at great prices!

Underwater Video Cameras

Go Pro and accessories. All at great prices!

U/W Torches and Video Lights

I torch Range and accessories. Look what we use!