Aqualung X-Shot Mask Snorkel Fin Pack

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The Aqualung X-Shot Mask Snorkel Fin Pack is a high quality pack that is suitable for both diving and snorkeling.




Aqualung X-Shot Mask Snorkel Fin Pack

Aqualung Impression Mask

This significantly improves peripheral vision while maintaining an incredibly low internal volume. Aqua Lung’s “Advanced Fit Technology” uses textured bands of silicone around the skirt to form a superior seal against the face and minimizes water entry. The Impression is effortless to clear and its low profile is ideal for freedivers or any diver that wants to reduce in-water drag.

  • Patented design places lenses close to the face for vastly improved field-of-view
  • Ultra low internal volume makes clearing fast and nearly effortless. It also reduces the upward pull caused by the buoyancy of a larger air space
  • Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) uses bands of different textures around the edge of the skirt resulting in a superior seal against the face
  • The mask skirt goes further back on the face increasing the contact surface between face and silicone skirt. This enhances the comfort and reduces the marks left behind on the face
  • Compact shape reduces in-water drag and improves stability, especially when diving in a strong current
  • Cardanic Joint Buckles rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out for a customized and pinch-free fit
  • Counter-posed push button activation makes strap adjustments fast and holds the strap securely in place once set. The system is also easy to use when wearing gloves
  • Wide headpiece on silicone strap conforms to the user’s head to ensure a comfortable, secure fit
  • High-grade silicone material allows the facial skirt to flex and naturally mold around facial contours for a leak-free seal
  • Shatterproof, tempered glass lenses suitable for diving and snorkeling meet ANSI standards
  • Color options: Clear skirt – Blue, White Arctic, Orange; Black skirt – Black

Aqualung Zephyr Flex Snorkel

The new Zephyr Flex snorkel has been designed with ergonomic and comfort values in mind.

The innovative technical features guarantee a fast purge operation.

It is the only snorkel in the marketplace featuring a Elliptical Purge Valve. The position of the elliptical valves (vertical) helps purging operation when the divers head is both facing the water or they stand in a vertical position.

  •  Elliptical Purge Valve
  • Air Deflection Control
  • Hose Joint Rotation Dry System
  • 100% anatomic silicone mouthpiece
  • TPR Corrugate
  • Bi-material splashguard with side dry chamber
  • Fix clip with bigger section
  • Polycarbonate material with photoengraved finishing to protect valves

Aqualung X Shot Dive Fin

Technologies proven successful with the SlingShot and HotShot fins have been incorporated into the Aqualung X Shot Dive Fin to offer the ultimate in comfort and performance through innovations such as the mid-foot pivot to eliminate foot and toe fatigue often experienced by divers and the “Power Transmission Zone” for efficient kicking. The Aqualung X Shot Dive Fin comes standard with the Aqua Lung Spring Straps for easy don and doffing. This fin is the ultimate in hybrid technologies, offering an easy kicking fin for your dives while providing optimal power with each kick.

  • The Power Zone, located in front of the foot pocket, features integrated “V Boosters”, providing optimal power with each kick
  • The Power Zone provides the diver a mid-foot pivot point on the fin, minimizing fatigue and maximizing energy transfer to the blade
  • A new spring strap offers a soft heel pad along with Aqua Lung’s own proprietary buckles
  • The foot pocket is equipped with the “Power Transmission Zone”. This anchors the foot preventing unnecessary stretching of the foot pocket on the power stroke resulting in maximum energy transmission
  • The blade contains a high performance elastomer resulting in high efficiency
  • An elastic blade insert creates a “spoon effect” that pushes more water with each down stroke adding to efficiency
  • A customized inner sole provides a grip effect. This prevents wasting power from the boot moving laterally inside the boot pocket
  • A female version of the X-Shot fin is the Shot FX in Twilight!!!

Check out the Aqualung HotShot Dive Fin for a smaller compact travel fin!!!

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