F1 Mask, Typhoon Snorkel, Pro Light Fins Set


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The F1 Mask, Typhoon Snorkel, Pro Light Fins Set is an excellent set for the Avid Divers and snorkellers! Add on the Cressi Ultra Boots for a discounted price and you have your set ready to go!



The F1 Mask, Typhoon Snorkel, Pro Light Fins Set is an excellent set for the Avid Divers and snorkellers!

Cressi Pro Light Fins

The Cressi Pro Light Fin is an open-heeled fin with a highly advanced design. Created from a combination of two very different materials, it has a strong polypropylene blade and soft elastomer foot pockets.

The fin is extremely light and well-balanced, and gives great power with each kick. The foot pocket is actually positioned below the fin blade, which result in a larger usable surface area for the blade, especially compared to a fin with a foot pocket position above the blade. It is a computer designed foot pocket, which encourages great propulsion and power with each kick, without too much physical effort. For a “Standard” sized blade, they have an excellent amount of power!

These fins are great for beginners and for professionals, and are an excellent pick.

These are fins that require a boot to wear!

Cressi F1 Mask

The Cressi F1 Mask is a frameless mask, loved by many divers for their low-profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying, even in a BC pocket. Cressi’s frameless design bonds a high-grade silicone skirt directly to a single lens for the ultimate in simplicity.

The low-internal volume allows for effortless clearing and quick-adjust strap buckles are moulded directly into the skirt for a flexible fit and reduced drag. It also represents an unbeatable value, with a cost roughly half that of similar masks.

We have a huge range of Masks, and have found this mask does fit a lot of faces! It’s single lens and soft silicone works well on narrow faces as well as broad ones. Some people struggle to have a good fit with twin lens masks as the centre piece between the glass hits them on the forehead area. With this single lens, you’ll find there’s no pressure on the bridge of the nose or forehead.
Does the Cressi F1 Mask suit me?

The Fameless and Single Lens design of the Cressi F1 mask has some great features, but it does have a some need for special care. The Frameless feature means there is not plastic or metal frame holding the glass in place against the Silicone skirt. The Strength of this Mask is in the Glass. Therefore we feel you need to have a bit more care for this mask, as you could easily damage it if you don’t.

The Cressi F1 Mask comes in a Plastic case for packing, and we recommend that you use that case to keep it out of harms way. Someone accidentally sitting on it could easily break it compared to one with a frame. Take care when it is not on your Face!

Oceanpro Typhoon 2 Snorkel

The OceanPro Typhoon 2 Snorkel is an evolution of the very popular Typhoon snorkel.

The Typhoon 2 is ideal for Scuba diving or snorkelling and uses quality materials to ensure you have an enjoyable dive.


  • Effective splash guard to reduce water ingress
  • Large diameter smooth bore ensures easy breathing
  • Soft silicone corrected drop away
  • Effective purge sump design makes clearing any water a breeze.
  • Soft orthodontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
  • Adjustable quick release mask clip makes storage and travel easy.

OPTIONAL Add On – Cressi Ultra Boots

Cressi Ultra Boots

As the Prolight fins must be worn with boots, if you do not have any the Cressi Ultra Boots are a great option!

The Cressi Ultra Dive Boot is a boot with 5mm thickness and no zips.

These 5mm boots are great for scuba year round. The benefits of not having a zipper is that there is no risk of faults with the zip – which is the main issue encountered with a dive boot. The boots feature a non-slip sole, so they can benefit you walking on rocks or wet boats by giving you good grip. Wear these boots with open heeled fins to keep your feet warm!

Available in sizes 5 – 12, and in general are men’s sizing so women should size down around 2 sizes.

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