Fourth Element Diving Hood 3mm


Fourth Element Diving Hood 3mm thickness have a simple minimalistic design, with advanced features in thermal protection to ensure a comfortable fit. Micro holes in the top vent air with minimal water ingress and the collar is designed to work with drysuits fitted with a warmneck.

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Fourth Element Diving Hood 3mm

Fourth Element Diving Hood 3mm thickness have a simple minimalist design with a smooth Glideskin interior and are produced using stretch neoprene to ensure a comfortable fit. The short collar works for both dry and wet suits, and micro holes in hood vent air with minimal water ingress. The 7mm hoods have a glideskin seal around the face and the rest of the hood has a thermal plush lining. The 7mm hood also features a glideskin collar.

Fourth Element Diving Hood 3mm  Features:

  • The Thermocline Diving Hood is lightweight.
  • The hood offers a smooth Glideskin interior, to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Also, micro holes in hood vent air with minimal water ingress.
  • thermal plush lining.
  • All sizes available. Also thicknesses.

Jetty Dive Staff Test Report:

We have these hoods and dive in them regularly. The Fourth Element Diving Hood 3mm & 5mm thickness is designed for that extra warmth on top of your wetsuit. Easy to get in and out of, keeps you nice and warm, breathable, neutrally buoyant yet lightweight for travel. Trying one on makes you fall in love with them!

 We are proud to sell Fourth Element Ocean Positive clothing.

Ocean Positive is made using recycled nylon from “Ghost” fishing nets, abandoned by fishing vessels after snagging on reefs and wrecks. These “Ghost Nets” continue to fish, often ensnaring marine life and posing a hazard to divers. The Ghost Fishing Project enlists teams of divers to remove these nets and bring them to the surface, where they are recycled.

Ocean Positive uses finest quality Lycra® fabric made with these recycled nylon yarns to turn the traditional product development model of “Cradle to Grave” on its head, as we create a line of swimwear from marine waste.

Ocean Positive takes dangerous fishing gear, sourced by divers, and makes a practical product line, designed by divers, to be comfortable under a wetsuit.

We meet divers from all over the world who are passionate about the health of the oceans. This is a product designed for them: one which is genuinely good for our environment and helps to clean up our seas.

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