Hollis F1 LT Fin


The Hollis F1 LT fin is powerful whilst lightweight and graceful!


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Hollis F1 LT Fin

The new Hollis F1 LT fin is a shorter and slightly lighter version of the original F1 molded from SEBS.  The Hollis LT Fin is also more durable due to its UV resistant properties. The colour of this fin is grey to indicate the style. The compound of Rubber that this fin is made of makes the fin, negative buoyant, giving it great characteristics for Dry Suit divers, helping hold down the floaty legs. Tech diving in these fins is great as the frog and butterfly kick work very well, and with the wide side they are good to use as a reverse frog to back up in tight spots.

The Hollis F1 LT fins specifications:

  • Made of High grade, heavy duty rubber construction.
  • Angled strap mounts for comfort and a better transition of power.
  • Spring heel straps with easy-grip heel tab.
  • Multiple strap mounting positions for a fine tuned fit.
  • Vented blade to reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade.
  • Generous foot pocket.


  • Small size is approximately size 4 to 6 shoe size
  • Regular size is around size 7 to 9 shoe size
  • Extra Large size (XL) is shoe size 10 to 12
  • Double Extra Large (XXL) is a damn big foot! How can your foot be that big? Ha Ha, just kidding this shoe size 13 to 15 is also ideal for the Extra large foot size with Dry Suit boots on! If you plan to use a Drysuit with these fins, whilst the pocket size is generous, I would go one size bigger to account for the size of a drysuit boot.

Check out the even lighter Hollis Fin, the Hollis F2 Fin . The F2 fin is a completely different style designed for travel as the weight is much lighter. Other fins that are also good for Travel and used by Tech divers is the Oceanic Accel Fins


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