Polar Pro Color Filter for GoPro

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The Polar Pro Color Filter for GoPro will allow you to capture vivid colours of fish and tropical reefs!



Polar Pro Color Filter for GoPro

The Polar Pro Color Filter for GoPro was designed for colour correction in blue and tropical waters. This custom colour formula was developed from endless testing, and they have Got It Right!

Pro offers the best GoPro colour correction possible in a sleek, easy to use filter. The Aqua Red Filter is most effective between 15-80ft, and attaches with an easy snap on/off design. Use the Aqua Red Filter to capture bright, vivid colours of tropical fish and coral reefs. With the simplicity of our design and sophistication of our custom lens, this GoPro red filter is sure to help you capture beautiful aquatic life in your videos that will last a lifetime.

The Polar Pro Color Filter for GoPro is available for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 and 5 and new 6. The Polar Pro Colour Filter for GoPro comes in three models to suit both the GoPro standard housing, the GoPro Dive housing and the Hero 5 and 6 Super Suit.

Which housing do I have?
It is quite easy to identify your housing. The GoPro Dive Housing has 8 screws positioned around the lens while the Standard housing has no screws. The Super Suit model is only for the Hero 5 and 6

What makes a good filter ?

TESTED REPORT. The Polar Pro Color Filter for GoPro have been made perfectly to suit underwater. They are not just a piece of red plastic like some of the cheap ones. We have had divers on the dive trips try our Polar Pro filters after having their plastic ones and are amazed at the quality.

If you have any red in your underwater footage from a filter, you are either on the surface (less than 4 metres) or you have a poor quality filter. Get a Polar Pro Color Filter for GoPro.

If you are near our store, call in and see our Underwater footage to see the difference.



Additional information

Housing Type

Standard Housing, Dive Housing, Super Suit


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