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When it comes to Underwater Video Cameras, is hard to beat the performance of the Go Pro series of Video Cameras ! These Compact Video and Stills Cameras is setting high standards in U/W videography and photography.GoPro Super Suit Hero5 Dive Housing

Gone are the days of huge video housings holding high quality video cameras to get the best video footage underwater. The Go Pro Hero series are “easy to use” cameras that gets you high quality underwater video without too much trouble.

There is a few things that you need to understand about Underwater Video Cameras to get good quality video, the Go Pro Hero camera will help a lot in giving you video you can watch, but there is some tips that will help get better video and pictures.

Here is some tips about Underwater Video Cameras that are worth noting:

  • Make sure you have a Dive Housing.  The GoPro Hero Video Cameras has a waterproof rating to 10 metres, and will in a lot of cases, go beyond that without any trouble, however, there will come a time when you have had the camera for a while and the door seals will become dirty or damaged or worn, and the camera will get moisture in it.  We have already seen it on the Hero4 Session with similar seals, so be careful! The answer is to buy a Go Pro Super Suit Dive Housing and know the camera will be good for up to 60 metres deep. You will need to remove the clear lens cover on your Go Pro Hero 5 camera to fit it in your go Pro Super Suit Dive Housing, so be careful with that.
  • Have a good set of handles to hold it steady. Whilst Selfie Sticks are great to get your Go Pro Hero5 camera in the face of some fish, it is not easy to get steady video footage that looks good. Quite often you will have the camera shake and jump around, spoiling your footage. The best way to get steady smooth flowing footage is to get a set of handles that allow you to hold the Go Pro Hero5 without jumping around. It makes it so much easier to achieve good video that you will like to watch.Twin Base Tray with Flexible Arm for Video Light
  • Don’t film your whole dive! We have seen divers turn their Go Pro Underwater Video Cameras on and jump in for a dive and then at the end of the dive, turn it off. I would hate to watch that video, and I think everyone would be asleep after a few minutes. Your Dive does not have video worthwhile action the whole dive, so why capture it? Our tip is to capture short sequences and then if you want to use them for social media, they are the right length video to use, or if you want a longer video, piece the short clips together with a editing program, like Go Pro Capture and Quik. Generally 10 to 15 seconds clips are a good length, or if the action is happening, a bit longer till it stops.
  • Have a good position and bouyancy. It is important to set yourself up in a position that you get good looking video. Create a story in your footage by starting your clip, move onto the action and film it in the body of your clip, and then fade out to end it. Don’t video down on fish or people, approach from slightly below and film with definition between the Seabed and action and water above it. Basically create an horizon to have in the background, our eyes find it appealing, so try to create it. Be aware not to point the Go Pro towards the sun however, as it will white out your footage and spoil the scene.
  • Consider filters and lights. The Polar Pro red filters that we sell are one of the best ways to improve the quality of your video underwater. It looks so much better when you have good colour! Video lights are a good way to give you natural colours too, and a combination of both work very well. Our experience with Polar Pro Filters is that even with lights, you get very good colour underwater. Check out this youtube clip by one of our divers to prove the difference.
  • There is more to learn! We have more to teach about Underwater Video, and this is why we have the PADI Underwater Videography course and Underwater Video dive in our PADI Advanced Open Water course.  You can try different equipment, and we can help you get the best from your Go Pro Hero Underwater Video Cameras.

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