Snorkel Sets-Mask and Snorkel and Fins

A full range of Snorkel Sets from Child and Youth to Adult size sets. Snorkelling Sets from Kids to Pro Snorkelling and Scuba Diving. Great online deals.

We have selected some of the best combinations for quality and value for money. We do not offer cheap sets that will not fit, especially for kids. We only offer Mask and Snorkel Sets made of Quality materials. All masks are Silicone Rubber for best fit and comfort. Please don’t buy cheap plastic masks for your kids, they will put your Kid off snorkelling.

When selecting a mask, it is important to get a proper fit. Our range of Mask and Snorkel sets is large, which enables you to find one that fits well. If you can’t come in-store to try the Mask and Snorkel Set be sure to talk to our staff with size estimates. For Kids, we find even a picture of kids face sent by email will help to find the correct mask for them.

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