Scientific name: Carcharias taurus

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile some feel the appearance of a Grey nurse shark is a scary event – actually, diving with a grey nurse shark, while exhilirating, is not dangerous. The grey nurse shark is a timid creature, and great to photograph. Wouldn’t you love to have your picture with this grey nurse shark?

Unlike some parts of the world, that attract sharks to an area, we don’t feed the Grey Nurse to attract them, we don’t interupt them at all, it’s all totally natural, no wonder divers like diving with them. Grey Nurse Sharks

Check this extended version of Grey Nurses and see how close they come!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow the grey nurse shark can move fast – normally the grey nurse shark makes slow and deliberate moves. It is important when diving with them, to move slowly and stay low as to not scare them away. If you are careful, you could be surrounded by 20 of these magnificient beasts at one time.

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Code of conduct with Diving with Grey Nurse Sharks in (NSW) Australia

NSW Fisheries and Environment Australia, in consultation with the dive industry, have developed the following Code of Conduct for diving with Grey Nurse Sharks in New South Wales (NSW) Australia .

To comply with the Code of Conduct for Diving with Grey Nurse Sharks in New South Wales (NSW) Australia

Divers must not:
  • conduct night dives on known aggregation sites
  • block entrances to caves or gutters
  • interrupt the swimming pattern of the sharks
  • feed or touch the sharks· chase or harass the sharks
  • interfere with the sharks using mechanical apparatus ie. scooters, horns
  • use Shark Pod / Shark Shield Devices in known aggregation sites
  • dive in groups totalling more than 10 divers


As part of adopting the Code of Conduct, it is recommended that:

  • All commercial dive operators and divers implement the Code of Conduct
  • A dive brief is presented by the dive leader before each dive
  • The Code of Conduct be displayed in operators boats and shops
  • Dive operators and divers participate in scientific research