27th January 2020 – Conditions Great Despite The Forecast Again!

1 month ago

Eastern Blue Devil-South Solitary Island

Today we took off to South Solitary Island in 2Wild for some sweeeet diving. First up our divers rolled in at Buchanan’s Wall where Scorpion Leaf Fish, Banded Coral Shrimp, Hump Backed Shrimp, Nudibranchs, a large Pipefish, and an Eastern Blue Devil were seen.

After the surface interval our divers dropped in at Shark Gutters for a drifty swim to  the Gantry. Along the way a pair of Eagle Rays were seen, as well as Grey Nurse Sharks, a Green Turtle, a large male Loggerhead Turtle, Bull Rays, a large Scribbled Pufferfish, Mantis Shrimp and Flagtail Blanquillo.

Conditions Report:

Temperature: 21°c

Visiblity: 15 metres