SPECIAL COVID 19 Restrictions 

We consistently monitor Government Advice regarding social distancing and maximum numbers, and adjust our numbers accordingly. Please contact us if you require any more information.

We expect more Humpback Whales than ever before, the last two seasons have given us the best encounters we have seen. Now we also have WHALE SWIMS AT COFFS HARBOUR tour too!


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Jetty Dives Wild fin

Whale Watch Coffs Harbour 2021 trip prices (subject to change)

  • $85 per Adult
  • $85 per Aged pensioner or child under 12 Y/Old. (Children must be accompanied by an adult) (Sorry, no concession is available with our reduced numbers during COVID 19 restrictions)
  • Infants under 3Y/O are free. 
  • We are family friendly! Open to all ages, we have from babies to people in their 90’s!
  • We take Service NSW Discover Vouchers up until 31st of August 2021! You must do this in person or over the phone, not available for online bookings.
  • GROUP BOOKING PRICES: Group of 3 –$ 240, Group of 4 – $295, Group of 5 – $340
  • Starting times are 9.00am, 11.00am and then 2.00pm, Depending on demand, we usually start filling trips from morning through to afternoon times. Meet at the Floating Wharf at Coffs Harbour International Marina 15 minutes prior to departure. ( 30°18’11.0″S 153°08’47.0″E ).
  • To respect social distancing rules, we will have to reduce the number of passengers on the boats, which means you will get a small group experience.

For More Info and To Book, give the shop a call on 02 66 511 611


Whale Watching at Coffs Harbour trips are dependent on weather and sea conditions! Booking are essential!

Our Whale Watch trips at Coffs Harbour operate daily from June to October, in the beautiful waters of the Solitary Islands Marine Park. The Solitary Islands Marine Park is minutes away from Coffs Harbour, and located mid way between Sydney and Brisbane on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

The Migrating Humpback Whales play in the shallow waters off the Coffs Harbour coastline on their travels north and again on their return trip south. This gives Coffs Harbour a continuous Whale watching season from early June until late October. Want to see Whales up close? Forget about watching from the headlands, this is as close as it gets! Real Whale action!


As both of our current boats are “rigid hull inflatables” this gives us quite the advantage for accessibility. The inflatable sides can be sat on, with one’s legs being swung to the inside of the boat to allow boarding. Our staff are more than happy to help out wherever required or desired to assist you. Our boats feature twin ladders for boarding. Our staff can help lift your gear up individually prior to helping you get up the ladders back into the boat if you wish, to save the strain of walking up the ladders with the gear on your back. For our Whale Watching Trips or Eco Tours, we require all customers to remain seated whilst the boat is in movement.

We get you to meet us at Coffs Harbour International Marina for the Whale Watching Tours, which has ample parking (click here to check it out on google maps) and a ramp leading down the floating wharf to where you are to board the boat.

The boat has space for a stroller or pram to be stored, but due to our requirements whilst the boat is in movement the pram or stroller can not be in use on board.

If you have any questions in relation to accessibility, feel free to contact us.

The Fast ride makes OUR Whale Watching Coffs Harbour trips unique!

The FAST Boat Ride out means we usually see whales only minutes after leaving the harbour. If we see whales in the distance jumping, we can move from one group to another in a very short time, and not miss any action. The one and a half hour trip is mostly spent watching whales, not getting there. It is not just a Whale Watch trip, it is a fun Adventure boat ride too!

Whale Watch Trips will run Daily June till October.

Starting times are 9.00am, 11.00am and then 2.00pm, Depending on demand, we usually start filling trips from morning thru to afternoon times.


Whale Watching Coffs Harbour trips are dependent on weather and sea conditions! Booking are essential!

Would you like to give a gift to someone? Buy a Whale Watching Gift Certificate

We have Whale Watching Gift Certificates available online to buy or call into our shop and purchase one for a Great Present!

Hang onto your hat too!

Wild Fin is a Fast and comfortable 12 metre long boat. We get to the Whales real quick…less time getting there..more time for that amazing close-up Whale Watch experience! Whale Watching Coffs harbour aboard Wildfin

If we see some Whale jumping action elsewhere, we have the ability to be onto the action very quickly.

Be prepared for a fun finale in the harbour on the journey home too!

  • “Wild Fin” has a fully covered cabin and an exceptionally dry smooth ride.
  • Motors are super quiet when idling along with the Whales.
  • Whale Watch Trips are usually of 11/2 hours duration.
  • Trips are Not Too Long which usually avoids Sea Sickness! We still recommend sea sickness medication if you are vulnerable to any motion sickness. (if you get sick in a car, you are likely to at sea too!)
  • Don’t see whales on a trip? Come free for another whale watching tour! (not much chance of that, though!)
  • Whale Watch trips are dependent on weather conditions! Booking are essential!
  • 1.5mtr Social distancing between passenger groups is adhered to for your safety.

Our Whale Watching Coffs Harbour trips are more fun getting to the whales and then home again…and fast too !

Whale Watching Trips begin in June and ends October

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