Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions!


Whale Watching

When is Whale Watching Season?

Our Whale Watch trips at Coffs Harbour operate daily from June to October, in the beautiful waters of the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

How long is an average Whale Watching Trips?

About 1.5 hours. If we’re seeing performer whales, we quite often stay longer.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself! A jacket in case you get cold in the wind, and that’s about it.

Where do I go?

We meet at Coffs Harbour International Marina, GATE E. If you could meet us 15 minutes prior to departure for an on time trip!

Will I get SeaSick?

If you get motion sickness in a car, it’s likely you might experience it on our boat. We do have a fast boat ride to get to the whales, so there’s less time for sickness, but if you’re worried we suggest taking some motion-sickness medication.

Scuba Diving

Do you have to have a ticket to Scuba Dive?

Short answer, yes. You have to be certified, or be doing a Discover Scuba Experience (Which does not certify you) to come diving with us.

How often do you run dive trips?

We can run a trip every day – as long as we reach the minimum numbers to run our boat, and the weather is appropriate for our trip.

Do I need to book in advance to go on a dive trip?

Definitely – our weekend and school holiday boats often book out. You will need to leave a deposit to hold your position on the boat upon booking. Deposits are fully refundable if 48 hours notice before the trip is given. (Also refunded if trip is cancelled by us, due to weather) (Refer to part 29 of our terms and conditions for more details)

Will you go out if it’s raining?

It doesn’t usually interfere with our trips. Rain does not constitute for bad weather, in fact it can be better weather. The fish usually come closer!

Do I have to have my Dive Card or proof of certification with me to dive with you?

We have to see proof of your certification. Luckily, with all PADI certifications we can search the database to confirm this. If you are not a PADI certified diver, you definitely need to bring proof of certification with you.

When is the best time of year to dive? Do you go all throughout the year?

All year is a great time! In our colder months, despite the chillier water temperature, we see more Grey Nurse Sharks. A lot of people prefer to dive when the water is warmer, but it is spectacular all year round.

Will I get SeaSick?

If you get motion sickness in a car, it’s likely you might experience it on our boat. If you’re prone to seasickness, or  at all worried we suggest taking some motion-sickness medication.

Will there be photos of our dives?

It depends on who is on the boat on the day. You will have to chat to our friendly staff about this one, closer to the day of.

I haven’t been diving in ____ years. Can I still Scuba Dive?

Your Scuba Diving Certification does not expire. However, if it has been several years since you last dived and you’re feeling a bit rusty, we do run Refresher Courses for Scuba Divers. There is a bit more information on our Refresher Course page about whether you will need a refresher course before diving, but ultimately it comes down to how confident and competent you feel in the water.


Do you have to be able to swim to learn to Scuba Dive?

Absolutely. Our PADI Open Water Dive Course requires you to be able to swim 200m continuously to meet the criteria for certification.

How old do you have to be to learn to scuba dive?

12 is the minimum age for PADI Open Water Certification.

Can Anybody dive?

We would like to say yes, but unfortunately there are medical conditions that can prevent somebody from Scuba Diving. If you suffer from Asthma, Epilepsy, or Diabetes for example, you may be under too much risk to Scuba Dive. Take a look over our Medical Statement form. If you have any medical conditions that are listed in the Medical Statement, you are required to complete an approved Scuba Diving Medical Certificate (AS 4005.1) with a Medical Physician. We can recommend local Diving Doctors for this Medical in the Coffs Harbour Area if required.

Scuba Gear Servicing

Do you service scuba gear?

Scuba Regulator Servicing is our Specialty! We service all major brands of regulators and equipment, for divers across Australia!

Will you service my ______ brand reg?

You can find more detailed information about what brands we service and our service prices here.


Do you rent out Snorkeling equipment?

We rent out Snorkeling gear for our Snorkeling trips. We do not rent unless you are coming on our boat with us.

Do you rent scuba equipment outside of your boat?

For certified divers, yes. We will require proof of certification so you can rent equipment from us.

Do you rent wetsuits for surfing?

All of our rental wet-suits are front-zips, which will not work for surfing. We do have 3mm wetsuits with a back zip for sale for only $99.