Scuba Diving Refresher Course at the Solitary Islands Marine Park


Refresh your Scuba skills and then come diving!

Not been diving for a while?

You want to come Scuba Diving again, but are not sure about the gear?


A Refresher scuba session will get you back in the water, with confidence!

There is a lot of people that learnt to dive and not continued, or stopped diving for some reason. The Refresher course is designed for this situation! The refresher course is also very flexible and can be tailored to suit you!



Here are the Possibilities!
  • Refresher for the well skilled (but Rusty!) Scuba Diver

You may have done lots of diving and you are confident that your skill level is still good, but… just in case and to help with kitting up gear, you would like some help when you dive?

Then all you need is an Instructor or Divemaster help guide you through the gear assembly, and then supervise and help you if you need it, during your dives!

We don’t charge any extra for this help, all you will pay for is your dive trip with us to the Solitary Islands!.

Yes, that’s right, just go to our Daily charter trips page for the current costs

  • Refresher for the “lost the skills” Scuba Diver

padi_dsdNo Trouble and easy! We start you off with a session in the swimming pool. With your Instructor, we go through the basic skills that you learnt but forgot!

During this session, which is usually conducted an afternoon before you dive trip, we get you back to being familiar with your gear and practice skills like buoyancy control, regulator recovery and mask clearing.
Then on one of our normal Daily Charter trips, we guide you about for your dives!

Scuba Diving Refresher with pool session….
with 2 Dives at the Solitary Island Marine Park with full gear hire – $335.00

Refresher Course ….pool session only – $100

Costs based on minimum of 2 people in the pool, Private individual (one on one) an extra $50


What about the theory?

If you feel that your knowledge of scuba diving is lost, we have the PADI Reactivate course available for you. This is an online theory session designed to refresh all you diving knowledge and add to your training. You can start that right now by going the the PADI Reactivate Online page. Be sure to nominate Jetty Dive Centre as your training centre 

Cost of the PADI Reactivate course is $99 extra


When can we go?

Scuba Diving Refresher can be taken any day our Dive Boats are going! We are dependent on some weather conditions.


What’s Included?

All instruction, SCUBA equipment rental, Pool Session, Double Dive at the Solitary Island Marine Park.
Prerequisites for the Refresher Course

You need to have proof of your certification, regardless of its age!

A dive medical is NOT required prior to a Refresher Programme, however a simple medical declaration needs to be completed, and if your medical condition has changed since your original medical when you were certified, we suggest you have one for your own benefit.
If you have any questions about this, please call us!