PADI Seal Team Kids

Kids Scuba Courses – Coffs Harbour Australia

Look out Kids! How about This! SCUBA for Kids, Join the PADI SEAL TEAM

Here it comes, join in the fun! The PADI SEAL TEAM is a program specially for kids between the age of 8 and 12 years.

Kids Learn and use SCUBA? WOW!! Yes you can in our special Padi Seal Team missions!!

PADI SEAL TEAM Course Program

The PADI SEAL TEAM has a modular format set up with 5 Aqua-Missions for the program.

The Padi Seal Team program runs over a period of one day, with specific aqua-missions where they learn and use Scuba equipment in the friendly environment of a pool.


Typical Format of Day

Under the supervision of a PADI Scuba Instructor, the kids meet at the Dive Centre, They sign in with their parents, and then it’s off to the pool!
PADI Seal Team Mission 1 and 2 Starts at 9.00am and takes the kids from kit-up to their first breath on SCUBA gear. A short break between the missions, then the second mission gives them skills to go exploring underwater!
This session finishes in time for a lunch break. (lunch not provided)

PADI Seal Team Mission 3,4 and the final presentation Mission 5 begin after lunch break, and finish with a Certificate on completion, at around 3.30pm.

Parents are encouraged to come along and watch the whole program, but if unable, the final presentation Mission 5 is a special show off session for the kids.

The kids are very proud to show their skills as a PADI SEAL TEAM member!

They will receive their PADI SEAL TEAM wall certificate at the end of their Scuba adventure.

Missions accomplished!…… Want to go further?

As a Padi Seal Team Member, the student can explore more adventure with PADI MASTER SEAL TEAM Specialty Aqua-Missions.

After completing a series of these fun missions they have achieved a level of PADI MASTER SEAL, with a special wall certificate.

Once they turn 12 years old, the students can go on with Jetty Dive and become a Junior Open Water Diver , and experience the wonder of the ocean!


How much does the PADI Seal Team cost?

The Padi SEAL TEAM full day program is $169.00 per person. (minimum number of 6 students required)

The morning Padi SEAL TEAM aqua-mission 1 and 2 session only cost is $90 per person (minimum number of 6 students required)

When do the Seal Team programs run?

Padi Seal Team programs run during School Holidays, at the Coffs Harbour Olympic pool complex.

To register for the Seal Team,… contact Jetty Dive!


This great oportunity for kids is dependent of minimum number of the Seal Team to run.