PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro

Become a Professional.  Do the PADI Divemaster Course and Go Pro!
Your Adventure into the Professional ranks of Scuba diving begins here!

Divemaster training with our FIVE STAR IDC Instructor Training Centre – Where you will have the support of Instructors and Dive Team, have real training on real boats, with real life situations. Not in the tropics, right here in Australia where you get High level training and unreal diving. The Solitary Islands has truely some of the best divesites in Australia.

Being a Divemaster with us can be very rewarding, you get to do some great dives at the Solitary Islands and introduce our dive sites to others to enjoy.

Why Learn at Jetty Dive?

In one word “Experience”. Our Divemaster courses are all that!
Some Divemaster courses in other parts of the world offer the course in 10 – 14 Days! That may gives you the ticket, but what about the experience?? We wouldn’t like a Divemaster on our boat without experience, would you?

Our PADI Divemaster Course “Go Pro” course gives YOU Quality training and Quality Diving. Could you be metres from a dozen sharks in Thailand? Ha! not likely, Could you do that at Coffs Harbour? Yes! No doubt about it, almost everyday!

Our course sounds too good to be true. Pay only $895 and get as many dives as you can!
At least 20, (that’s $25 a Dive), more often 60-80 dives!(that’s $8 a dive). There has to be a catch??

There is, whilst doing your Divemaster dives, you help us on the boats, initially you don’t have a lot of input leading dives, but as you learn the sites and how to deal with different divers, your input becomes an asset to our trips. Of course we all put in for gear up and clean up, so you learn that and are actively helping even on day two!

The service on our boats is Top Priority to the safety and enjoyment of our Customers, we can provide a great service when we have a lot of support in the water, and on the boats, so you, as a Divemaster trainee, helps us provide that. An example of that, with skilled trainee Divemasters, we can give one on one assistance to a nervous diver, they experience a great time, and we win out, so even if you haven’t finished your Divemaster training, you are helping us by giving that.
So your payment of the Divemaster course might not cover the cost of your spot on the boat, but soon enough your help pays out for us and you earn your spot!

That is what the PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro! is all about.

As you become a part of our team, we do have requirements to make sure we have you working with us and not making work for us. That is, you need to have a level of skill in working with our customers and good skills of diving. We have a pre-course training and assessment offer of $400 for 6 to 10 dives to find out if you are suited to Divemaster diving.

PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro content:

The Divemaster course has three main areas:

Knowledge development

You know the theory you learn’t in the Open water, Advanced and Rescue Course?
Well you will be revisiting it in much more detail, there are 12 subjects involved, and 2 composite exams. Subjects like Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Decompression theory and the RDP, Skills and the Environment, and of course supervising Divers and Students are on the list.

Remember you will be getting in a LOT of Diving, so it’s worth it!
A way to help complete it is online with E-learning “Dive Theory” at a cost of $210 (payable online to PADI)

Watermanship and skills

Ok! To be a competent Divemaster, you need to have the skills and ability to deal with situations. So Waterskills like skill demonstration, swimming, snorkelling and diver tows and rescues are important. You will be assessed on your ability to perform these, before completion of the course.

Practical Traineeship

This is the boat and pool stuff!!
You will help Instructors with pool training students, and learn to lead Divers and help with students on our Boats.
Our Intern programme not only teaches you to put your knowledge into action, but gives you a wide variety of skills for the Dive Industry – from Air Fill operation to Boat Handling Skills.

Equipment maintenance and Retail Sales can also be a part of the training as an add on!

OUR intern program REALLY prepares you well, for an Instructor Development Course (IDC). Real skills, with real people in a friendly supportive environment.

What makes a Good Divemaster? Will we accept you to help us?

We can teach you Divemaster skills, but really, you must be a person who likes to help people, and you will be helping customers on charter and training trips. This is hands on experience like no other!

We are sorry to say, we may not accept you to do the Divemaster Course with us. Why? Well when you are on our boat with our customers, you represent Jetty Dive. So we reserve the right to say no, if you don’t represent us right. We really strive to provide the best experience, if you don’t help us do that, we feel that will compromise our high standards.
Are you are a person that really only wants to be responsible for you and your buddy? If you just want to go diving to get good photos? Perhaps this is not your course.
We always advise people, once you become a Divemaster, you dive for other people, not just yourself! That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! It means you share with others, your fun! We are very proud of our Divemasters!
The Divemaster course is really preparing divers to become Instructors, if you want to become a Professional and work in the Industry, then this is your next step to becoming an Instructor!

You will be a Professional!

Once you become a Divemaster, you are required to be a member of PADI, which has a joining fee and annual membership and insurance costs. These are expenses from now on, to maintain your Professional level. PADI currently charge a application fee of $205.70 (for the first calendar year) and then a yearly membership starting at $207.90 per year, and Divemaster indemnity insurance is $248 per year (Subject to change). None of these are included in the Divemaster Course cost.

Divemaster trainee benefits!

This is a great bonus! Because you are a professional, you need to look the part, to support you in your diving, all of our trainees are entitled to 20% or better discount on equipment purchases! This is not all though! Our Major Suppliers, Aqualung and Oceanic also want you to wear their gear, and both support us by offering additional discounts to our staff. This means even cheaper gear!

When can I Start?

Now! We accept Divemaster trainees all year round. It can depend on the number of Divemaster trainees we are currently running too.

PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro Pricing

We have a pre-course training and assessment offer of $400 for 6 to 10 dives to find out if you are suited to Divemaster diving with us.

PADI Divemaster Internship – $ 895.00 

PADI Divemaster Crewpak    $568 (less 20% discount when signed up as a trainee)

Equipment is not included in this course. Hey guys you are going to be Professionals, your need your own! If you need equipment use, a charge of $250 for the use during the course is applicable.(which will be refunded when you buy some from us!)

What’s included?

  • All Diving
  • Pool Fees
  • Morning tea on the Boat, if you make it!

Prerequisites and requirements of the PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro!

  • Prior to starting a Divemaster course the student must have a Rescue Diver certification, have 40 logged dives, be 18 years of age, have a current First Aid qualification and be medically and physically fit! (a Dive Medical is required for this course, not just a signed declaration)
  • If you don’t have 40 dives logged up, pre course dives will be required which won’t cost extra, however it is depending on skill level and availability, if your diving skills are not up to our standard, you could do additional training courses before you start.
  • The PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro involves dealing with our customers, this means we include you into our close-knit team. Again, We reserve the right to refuse, or not complete the training if we feel our business and customers are being compromised by non-compatible Divemaster trainees.
  • Are you Good Enough? Join our PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro!

PADI Divemaster Course Go Pro KIT Text materials not included are:

This is a great bonus! Because you are a professional, you need to look the part, to support you in your diving, all of our trainees are entitled to 20% or better discount on equipment purchases! This is not all though! Our Major Suppliers, Aqualung and Oceanic also want you to wear their gear, and both support us by offering additional discounts to our staff. This means even cheaper gear!

  • Divemaster manual
  • Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • Diving Knowledge workbook
  • E-RDP-ML Dive Tables
  • Instructor Manual and slates
  • Cost of Kit is $406 (less the 20% DM Discount!)

Here is a Testimonial from one of our Divemasters, Cameron from Scotland.

‘I spent 9 weeks completing my Dive master with Jetty dive and couldn’t have picked a better company to do it with. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there learning a huge amount from the experienced and knowledgeable staff there including leading dive groups, dive theory, assessing dive conditions and much more! It is a very hands on Dive master intern- ship where you lead your own groups once ready and have real decisions to make! The diving in at the Solitary island’s is some of the best I have ever done, its packed with marine life and great dive sites. My personal favourite being Manta Arch where you are almost guaranteed to see Grey Nurse sharks on ever dive there which are amazing animals! Doing my Dive master with Jetty Dive has prepared my very well for my hopeful career in the dive industry and I will definitely be back to do my Instructor’s with them!’  

Where to find us.


Jetty Dive Centre Dive Shop is at 398 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450. This is where you begin your experiences with us! All Scuba Dives and Snorkelling must check-in before moving to departure point.


All our boats leave from the Public floating pontoon wharf opposite the “Attitude Burgers “ building.

Jetty dive google maps with markers for priority locations