Cressisub Drylastic Drysuit for Women

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This drysuit not only looks the part but is super comfortable!

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The Cressisub Drylastic Drysuit for women is amazing. It’s a drysuit that wears like a Wetsuit! With its low profile design needing less air, lead and thermals. You know what that means… less drag which is fantastic, who wants to wear a whole lot of weight if you don’t need to?

This suit is the last one in stock.

Cressisub Drylastic Drysuit for women Key Features

Drylastic offers thermal protection and comfort like no other. Buoyancy changes and drag are a thing of the past. Requiring less weight, air and thermal protection layering, with the look, feel and comfort of a wetsuit, making Drylastic one of the most advanced drysuits available

High Stretch Seals
No more missed dives due to burst seals or water ingress due to the fitment of “High Stretch” wrist and neck seals that also offer exceptional comfort.

YKK 8TZ High Quality Steel Zipper
This zipper is the highest quality, made from marine grade brass and offers great flexibility and extended life.

Perfect Fit Boots
A design that offers a perfect fit and comfort regardless of foot size while minimising positive buoyancy in your legs.

Cressi Drylastic Drysuit for women Technical Features

  • Comfortable fit and hydrodynamics similar to a wetsuit thanks to the 4 mm pre-compressed neoprene.
  • Perfect-fit boots, with minimal positive buoyancy for the legs and superior comfort.
  • Adjustable inner suspenders – protective outer zip cover.
  • Swiveling inlet valve with lateral on-off slider.
  • Adjustable release valve.
  • Advanced comfort at the neck and wrists in extra-flexible “Hi-Stretch” neoprene
  • Hood included

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