Sharkskin Titanium T2 Chillproof Undergarment


Sharkskin Titanium T2 Chillproof Undergarment is a perfect under garment or protective wear for any watersport activity, ensuring warmth and comfort!

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The Sharkskin Titanium T2 Chillproof Undergarment offers an alternative to the T2 chest zip suit for those who prefer full-length front zips. Although commonly used as an undergarment, this suit is also suitable for a variety of water sports activities. When Sharkskin Titanium T2 Chillproof Undergarment is used as an undergarment beneath a dry suit, you will appreciate the added warmth without the bulk of traditional undergarments. It provides the same level of warmth as traditional undergarments, but with the added benefit of advanced FIR technology and a low-bulk design.

The Sharkskin T2 Chillproof range is an enhanced version of the standard Chillproof range. This new range incorporates Titanium Far Infrared (FIR) nano-technology into the fabric, which retains your body’s heat, improves circulation, and enhances metabolic function. The T2 Chillproof range is 100% windchill proof and has the same thickness as the standard Chillproof range, but provides the warmth equivalent to a 4-5mm wetsuit. This makes it a great substitute for a wetsuit in warmer waters or an extra layer of insulation in colder waters. The Titanium nano-particles reflect and retain the Far Infrared heat energy emitted from our bodies, effectively keeping us warmer and increasing blood flow for better metabolic function and recovery. The T2 Chillproof range is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, and all water sports where you need extra warmth, comfort, and protection from the cold.

Technical Specifications

• Titanium Far Infrared nanotechnology
• Breathable 10K+ membrane
• 100% windproof
• High quality abrasion resistant outer
• 4-way stretch for flexibility

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