Welcome to Tara’s Fave Fish Friday! Where we explore one of Tara’s favorite fish from the Solitary Islands Marine Park.
Today’s fave fish is the White-Eyed Moray – Gymnothorax thyrsoideus.
It’s a very special Tara’s Fish Friday today because is my birthday! These guys are one of my big time, top of the list, absolute-favorite-faves, and the video I’ve shared on instagram and facebook is one of my favorite underwater shots – ever.
Incredibly common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. They are everywhere, under hard corals, in between rocks and under ledges, and rarely but sometimes – out in the open with their whole body visible! They range in size, from little tiny ones like in my video, and can grow up to 65cm. You can’t see as much in the video, but their bodies are a yellowy-green colour with darker speckled pattern, with dark heads and bright white-eyes – hence the name.
They’re really cute. Like reaaaally cute, I’m a huge fan. They can be a bit frightened, and can get a bit snappy if threatened, but don’t we all? I don’t hold it against them.
Check out a video of these fish on our instagram and facebook!
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus – SURG.org.au
Photo by Tara, 28/1/2021.

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