Aqualung i330R Dive Computer


The Aqualung i330R is a realiable dive computer, at great value.


The Aqualung 1330R is the newest Dive Computer from the Aquaulung range. Touting a bright colour screen that is readable even in sunlight, and a rechargable battery this computer wont let you down! It has 4 modes, 3 nitrox mixes, and can connect to your phone via bluetooth allowing you to sync your dive-log on the Diverlog+ app on  your mobile device. This is by far the best value for money dive computer in the Aqualung lineup!


  • Ultra-Bright color display readable in all conditions and sunlight
  • Computer comes with a lens protector for the screen
  • Intuitive interface: the 2-button navigation allows easy settings preview and updates
  • Display last dive parameters from a single button (max depth and bottom time)
  • History Mode records the last 24 dives
  • 4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer) and Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow switching between Dive and Free)
  • 3 gas dive computer: switch up to three gases underwater, from 21% to 100% O2
  • Rechargeable battery: never worry again about buying the next battery, or sending it to a service centre for a battery change.
  • Adjust display brightness setting to extend battery life
  • Download software updates online to expand your dive computer features in the future (optional download cable is required)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 data transfer to the DiverLog+ app (available for iOS and Android) allows you to upload your dive parameters wirelessly onto your mobile device. Add location, notes, and pictures, and manage your dive computer advanced settings directly from the DiverLog+ app
  • Nato strap for added security and moisture wicking


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