Mares Smart Dive Wrist Computer


The Mares Smart Dive Computer is a high-quality diving computer, featuring a well-organized display with crisp, visible characters and an ergonomic profile!

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The Mares Smart Dive Computer has a clear, easy to read display. Additionally, this innovative computer includes an exceptional design that is both comprehensive and ergonomic, making it ideal for multimix and freediving! Above the water’s surface, you can adjust nitrox settings and quickly view the logbook. Underwater, the Smart enables you to toggle between depth information on the top line and complementary information on the bottom line. The middle row displays details on the decompression state.

The side buttons enhance the Smart’s compact, ergonomic profile, allowing for seamless performance. The upper right button enables you to manage data on maximum depth, average depth, and maximum depth reached by the gas. The lower right button adjusts the field next to the dive time, displaying temperature, oxygen percentage, CNS, time of day, and stopwatch. To ensure safety, the time of day has a 4-second timeout, after which the dive time reappears.

The Smart’s battery has a guaranteed lifespan of 2-3 years, depending on the number of dives, and is replaceable by the user (for battery replacement, please contact your local Mares dealer. Refer to the Mares Locator).

The Mares Smart Dive Computer is capable of downloading logbook data, and receiving firmware updates. Moreover, through the use of the Mares Dive Organizer Program (PC) and in conjunction with the Dive Link 2 USB interface clip and cable, data can be transferred between the Smart and the Dive Organizer Program.

Product Details and Specifications

  • Material: CR2430
  • Battery Duration: 200-300 dives over a three year time span
  • Nitrox Use: EAN from 21% to 99%
  • Max Displayed Depth: 150m (492 feet)
  • Ascent Rate Indicator (M/Min-Ft/Min): True
  • Memory Capacity: 40 hr
  • Profile Sampling Rates: 5 seconds
  • Display: Segment Display
  • Gas Switching: True
  • Stopwatch: True
  • Watch: True
  • Dual Time: True
  • Display Alarm: True
  • Plan Mode: True
  • Choice_MET_IMP: True
  • Fresh and Saltwater Settings: True
  • Resid_Nitro_Reset: True
  • Option to Exclude Audible Alarms: True
  • Exclusion of “Uncontrolled Ascent”: True
  • Altitude Adjustment: True
  • Temperature: Measurement range (-10°C to +50°C)
  • Logbook Memory: 35 hours of dive profile at 5 -second sampling rate
  • Display Material: Mineral glass
  • Clock: Quartz clock, time, date, dive time display up to 999 minutes
  • Upgradeable Softwards: True
  • Air Integrated: False
  • Graphic and Numeric Tank Pressure: False
  • USB Charger: False

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