Atomic SubFrame Mask


The main reason you dive is to see what’s down there! The SubFrame Mask is “The strongest and most indestructible two-window mask ever.”

The Atomic Subframe  Mask is so durable it carries a lifetime warranty on  frame breakage …and you’ll look great doing it.

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Atomic SubFrame Mask

“The strongest and most indestructible two-window mask ever.” The Atomic SubFrame Mask is so durable, it carries a Lifetime warranty against frame breakage. The strength comes from the internal frame (hence the name “subframe”) molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt (patent pending). This provides incredible strength and rigidity as well as eliminating the bulky external plastic frame that you often see in other masks. A stainless steel retainer locks the lenses in place. Therefore, providing added strength to the nose bridge area of the mask. A wide field of view and great fit completes the combination of function, style and durability.


  • Unmatched durability and resistance to breakage.
  • Optical quality, distortion-free UltraClear lenses.
  • Hydrodynamic styling with no exposed external frame.
  • Removable lenses for corrective lens options.
  • Wide vision and low volume.
  • Great fit.
  • Squeeze to adjust buckles.
  • Clear or Black silicone rubber with co-molded color accents.
  • Available with ARC technology lenses.

What makes our New UltraClear Schott Superwite™ glass so special?

Atomic Aquatics revolutionized the dive industry with “UltraClear” lenses. Before UltraClear, all dive mask lenses were made from low-quality float glass. This glass has a visible green tint caused by iron particles remaining in the glass after processing. These green iron particles significantly block light transmission through the lens.

All Atomic Aquatics masks utilize a higher quality optical glass that significantly improves underwater vision allowing up to 96% of light transmission-UltraClear glass.

The exceptionally high light transmittance and lack of distortion in the UltraClear lens maximizes the light available for improved visual acuity, especially underwater in low light conditions. Add this to our low-volume design, and you’ll be seeing much more underwater.

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