Oceanpro Cargo Mesh Duffel Bag

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Oceanpro Mesh Duffel Dive Bag is great for Dive Gear for transport for holidays and local trips.



Oceanpro Cargo Mesh Duffel Bag

The Oceanpro Cargo Mesh Duffel Bag is designed to carry all your Dive gear and drain any water that may still be in it. The Mesh base also allows for air movement which avoids gear going mouldy in your bag, because you forgot to pull it out!

This Bag bag flattens down to pack in your travel bag, so you can transfer your gear into it, leaving your clothes bag dry in your room. Pack your gear in your bag and use this flatten bag to protect your gear.

Use this durable PVC mesh bag for easy transport to the dive site or boat and storage between dive days. Ready to rinse your gear after a day of use? Simply drop the entire bag in the rinse tank and hang up to dry.

If you want a bag that keeps your car dry when you have wet gear, this is not the bag, we suggest using the Aqualung Defense Dry Duffle Dive Bag.

A BIG TIP though! Do not leave your regulators in this bag in the shed! You would be supprised that how many regulators we service with cockroach remains in them! Pack them away in a special place using a enclosed Oceanic Regulator Bag

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