OceanPro OP20 Octopus


The Oceanpro OP20 Octopus is a reliable 2nd stage, strategically engineered to perform with smooth easy breathing when you need it most.


OP20 Octopus

The Oceanpro OP20 Octopus is a robust, reliable, and lightweight octopus, making it a great “go to”. The OP20 is light and strategically engineered to perform with smooth easy breathing when you need it most.

The 2nd stage is strategically engineered, thus the shape of the purge and offset vents not only look good, but help prevent the diaphragm from surging when swimming into a current. This regulator also features a downstream demand lever valve. This mechanism provides high airflow and smooth easy breathing. It also offers the highest level of safety. Should an over pressurisation situation ever occur, the diver can still comfortably breathe on the way to the surface.

The OP20 Octopus features a bright yellow cover ring, and bright yellow detailing to ensure that it is high visibility for any emergency situation. Designed with both style and function in mind, the small ABS Poly Carbonate housing makes it both tough and light.  The resulting product helps to reduce overall jaw fatigue.

The OP20 Occy regulator includes pre-positioned front cover ring holes. These ensure ease of serviceability after heavy use, and the second stage incorporates a fail-safe downstream demand lever valve.  You now have high airflow and smooth easy breathing combined with the highest level of safety.

The Oceanpro OP20 Octopus is common place in school and rental environments because it is one occy that just won’t let you down.  They come standard with a 85 cm / 36″ MaxFlex braided hose in black.

This octopus is Nitrox compatible to 40% straight out of the box too!


  • Downstream demand valve design
  • Comfortable mouthpiece and lightweight design alleviates jaw fatigue
  • pre-positioned front cover rings, for ease of servicability
  • Diaphragm surge prevention front cover.
  • 40% Nitrox compatible out of the box
  • Free Parts for Life

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