[vc_column width=”1/2″]Once again our Island of choice was South Solitary for our dives, with another smooth ride out to the light.
First up was Cleaner Station, the Cleaner gutter was void of Grey Nurses today, but still jam packed with macro life; numerous Nudibranchs, an Umbrella Shell, Mimic File Fish and a lone Yellow Boxfish. Over to the Shark Gutters swim through, where even more Nudibranchs awaited, along with a couple of Grey Nurse, Black Cod, Semi-Circle Angelfish, a Spanish Dancer and Lionfish.
For the second dive we dropped in to Shark Gutters for a drift to the Gantry via Boulder Wall. More Grey Nurse were seen, a small Hawksbill Turtle was spotted at North Boulder, two massive Wobbygongs, Lionfish and Golden Egg Cowries were seen on 5m Rock.
Congratulations to  Nicole, Melissa, Kate, Janinia, Clemens, Solveig who completed their Open Water dive course today.
Today’s photo is the baby Yellow Boxfish found in the Cleaner cave, taken today by Nathan.

Sea Surface Conditions
A slight bump from the East-North-East, but not even enough to make the top end uncomfortable.

Temp 20C.
Vis 6-10m.[vc_column width=”1/2″]

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