05 January 2015 – A macro feast!!

6 years ago

Lionfish at South Solitary Island by Jetty Dive
Today we headed back out to South Solitary for our dives, despite the overcast conditions we had a very smooth ride out to the light.

Our first dive was at Shark Gutters, with 9 Grey Nurse in the swim through, a Crowned Puffer; Mimic File Fish, Lionfish, and a further four Grey Nurse in the Cleaner gutter/cave. Over a dozen different species of nudibranch were seen by one group on this dive alone!!

The second dive saw Lindsay’s Open Water course drop in to the Gantry where they saw a lone Hawksbill turtle, two Green turtles and three spotted rays.

Meanwhile the certified divers dropped in at Shark Gutters for a drift down Boulder Wall to the Gantry. another 2-3 Grey Nurse were seen, along with Painted Crays, Wobbygongs, Abotts Morays, a mystery opisthobranch and of course more nudibranchs!!

Today’s photo is a small Lionfish at the Gantry 5m rock, taken today by Nathan.

Sea Surface Conditions
A slight bump from the East, barely enough to make the top end uncomfortable.

Temp 20C.
Vis 8-12m.