10th June 2019 – Huge Loggerhead Turtle Welcomes Divers

6 months ago

barnie the loggerhead

Today’s dives at South Solitary Island were beautiful with nice clear water and a huge abundance of marine life.
Dive one we had the certified divers get in at Manta Arch to make their way through the gap to meet the students around to The Gantry. Lots of Grey Nurse Sharks at Manta Arch, Black Cod, King Fish and a huge Loggerhead Turtle in the gap which got up close and personal with everyone.
Dive Two was a drift from Shark Gutters down to The Gantry, everyone felt like they were pushing their way through the abundance of marine life along Boulder Wall. Nudibranchs, Lionfish, Wobbegongs, Bullrays and Mantis Shrimp we some of the other life spotted.

Congratulations to Sunny Perrot who finished his Open Water Course today
Visibility 18-20m
Temp 21C