11th July 2019 – Sharks Galore South Solitary Island

2 years ago

Grey Nurse Sharks at Manta Arch

All divers were keen to get in the water today as quick as possible, as the north west wind was quite cold.

Manta Arch was decided for dive one hiding from the wind, at least twenty Grey Nurse Sharks were spotted in and around the Arch,

also in the back gutter a couple of juvenile Grey Nurse Sharks were also spotted.

After a quick surface interval divers dropped in at Buchanan’s Wall, three Green Turtles were spotted,  schools of Tarwhine,

Bull eyes, Wobbegong Sharks, a baby Cuttlefish, and the baby Dwarf Lionfish called Stuey was spotted again.

Congratulations to Rory and Abbie on completing their Open Water Dive Course today.


Vis 15 Metres Water Temp 19 Degrees.