12th January 2020 Sea Slug Census At South Solitary Island

7 months ago

Both dives were at the northern end of South Sol today hiding from the southerly wind, all divers descended down Shark Gutters mooring for dive one. 
Our local Grey Nurse Sharks were seen hanging around the area, Bullrays, Lionfish, Black Cod,  a Hawksbill Turtle  and  Schooling Tarwhine.
Also spotted were a large number of Nudibranchs , after a short surface interval it was decided dive two would be a short drift from Shark Gutters to South Boulder, lots of marine life was spotted down North Wall
More Grey Nurse Sharks, Painted Grays, Nudibranchs, a Green Turtle, Bulleyes and Wobbegong Sharks everywhere.
Pic was from file footage.     
Water Temp 21°
Vis 15 Metres