13th August-2019 South Solitary Island

11 months ago

Cownose Rays at Manta Arch, South Solitary Island 2 July 2015 by Jetty Dive

After six days out of the water due to the weather we had a boat full of excited divers. All divers dropped in at Shark Mooring lots of marine life around Half a dozen Grey Nurse Sharks were spotted, Black Cod, Bullrays, a couple of Moray eels in the cave and a small Hawksbill Turtle was spotted.

After a short surface interval it was decided Dive Two would be a drift from Cleaner Station To South Boulder, the first group of divers were lucky enough to see a big school of Cow nose rays, also spotted down the wall, Grey Nurse Sharks, Schooling fish, Tarwhine, Bulleyes, Bream, and two Green turtles.

Vis 8 Metres Water temp 20 Degrees.