13th August 2021 – Whales Join our Divers!

1 month ago

Whale at Start of Dive 13th August 2021 Stu

Today 2 Wild headed out for a double dive to South Solitary Island with some students and certified divers.

For the first dive, we had our students drop into Cleaner Station whilst our certified divers headed into Manta Arch. Our students got an amazing experience at the start of their dive, as a Humpback Whale that was curious of our boat had swum right up to it, allowing our divers on the surface to have a look at it swimming through the water! They even spotted a second whale further below the first, Lucky divers got a Whale Swim as well as a double dive! You can catch the footage for this on our facebook and instagram pages. Here we saw a few Grey Nurse Sharks, including a very pregnant one, along will Bullseyes, some Nudibranches, Blue tangs and anenomefish and some Gunthers Butterfly fish, and an abbots moray eel.

On the second dive we headed from Cleaner Station to Shark Gutters. The Advanced Open Water students did a navigation dive whilst the certified divers and Open Water Students headed through the gutters. They spotted a turtled right at the start, and plenty of sharks hanging around in small groups all throughout the gutters. There was moon wrasse, tarwine, and bannerfish along with nudibranches, plenty of Morays, and a cheeky black cod. We also spotted lots of friendly blue groupers.

Conditions Report:

Temperature: 19°

Visibility: 10-15m