14th June 2019 – Grey Nurse Sharks excite first time divers

6 months ago

Grey Nurse Shark - Bryce Moody

We had a large group of divers from Coffs Harbour Senior College Marine Studies class on the boat today doing their first dives out from the Open Water Course, everyone had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed doing dives and not doing skills!!!
Dive one was at Cleaner Station and Manta Arch as we had some other students doing their Deep dives of the Advanced Open Water course too.
Dive two was a drift from Cleaner Station down to South Boulder, both dives had so much to see including Turtles, Wobbegongs, Slipper Lobsters, Moray Eels, two huge Spanish Dancers, Black Cod and lots of Grey Nurse Sharks in the shallows that all the students were excited about getting so close to them.
Congratulations to Maddie who finished her Open Water Diver course and Mirja who completed the final dive of her Advanced Open Water Course.
Visibility 10-12m
Temp 21C