14th May 2019 – Sharks and Turtles

3 months ago

Blue Angelfish at Shark Gutters

With the swell dropping and sea conditions good enough to snorkel, 2 Wild ventured out with a group of divers and snorkellers for a couple of great dives at South Solitary today.

First dive was with a dozen Grey Nurse Sharks at Manta Arch, visibility of 15 metres was a little milky at depth, but still ideal for diving the arch. Along with the Grey Nurse was heaps of Silver Trevally and Tarwhine.

Dive two started at Cleaner Station and finish at the Gantry with a nice slow swim. At Cleaner Station, a Bull-Ray challenged a turtle for floor space on the gutter floor, whilst at Shark Gutters, a large Blue Angelfish swam happily with a couple of big Black Cod. A grey nurse appeared at the Third Gutter, and a total of 7 Turtles were counted on the dive.

A great day out with lovely calm seas on the way home.

Visibility 15 mtr  Water Temp 22c