15th January 2019 – Big day for little stuff

1 year ago

Shovel-nose Ray, South Solitary Island 1 by Jetty Dive 11 Jan 15

With surface conditions easing from yesterday TooWild cruised out to South Solitary for our dives. on arrival at Cleaner Station we were greeted by a school of Hammerheads. On dropping in we found the visibility had dropped overnight, making for some interesting navigation and an awesome macro dive. Dozens of Nudibranchs, along with Spanish dancers, Lionfish, Mantis Shrimp, Bullrays and Grey Nurse Sharks.

After a brief surface interval we rolled back in at South Boulder for a one way swim to the Gantry. lots more Nudibranchs were seen, along with cuttlefish, our resident Giant Cuttlefish and even a Shovel-nose Ray.


Water Temperature: 22°C