15th January 2020 – Open Water Divers get Amazing conditions

7 months ago

With surface conditions finally easing our divers headed out to South Solitary Island for some sweet diving. First up our divers rolled in at shark gutters, where a plethitude of different nudibranchs were seen, along with Black Cod, Blue Groupers, a Grey Nurse Shark, several Wobbegongs, and an Octopus.

After a brief surface interval, our divers dropped in at Cleaner Station for a swim to South Boulder, after a narrowly missing an underwater dolphin experience (by about 50m) our divers made their way to South Boulder; more Grey Nurse were seen, along with Blue Spotted Rays, a Scorpion Leaf fish, Painted Cray and Turtles.

Congratulations to Georgie and Will who completed their Open Water Course today

Surface Conditions: Slight NE swell flattening out towards lunchtime.

Water Temperature: 21°

Visibility: 10-15m