16th January 2020 – Grey Nurse Sharks fill Gutters

7 months ago

Grey Nurse Sharks - Manta Arch Dive Site 22 August 2015 by Jetty Dive

It was all go today at South Solitary Island as we had a Rescue course and Open Water Course happening at The Gantry while the experience divers got in at Manta Arch and made their way through the Gap to the Gantry.
The back gutter had about 15-20 Grey Nurse Sharks and they were not in any mood to leave so out divers got a few shots and left them to it, through the Gap had lots of Nudibranchs, a huge Cow Nose Ray, a very little Cuttlefish and 2-3 Turtles near The Gantry.
We took advantage of the current on dive two and drifted from Shark Gutters down to The Gantry where the Rescue Course was being wrapped up. There was a few Grey Nurse Sharks spotted, Dwarf Lionfish, Moray Eels, Spotted stingrays, Blue Tangs, Banner Fish and some large Black Cod along Boulder Wall.
Congratulations to Dylan, Heidi and Amber who finished their PADI Rescue Course!!
Visibility 10-18m
Temp 19-22C