16th June 2019 – Freedivers mix with Grey Nurse Sharks

6 months ago

We had a chilly southerly wind this morning which made it a lot warmer in the water than out of it.
Dive one had a few divers get in at Manta Arch while the rest and got in at Cleaner Station, the visibility at Manta Arch was down a little to about 10m but around at Cleaner Station we had about 15-18m when the sun was out!!
With cooler waters we are getting a lot of Grey Nurse Sharks in the shallows and the Freedivers got up close with a couple of them when they reached the bottom.
Dive two we stayed up the top end to hide from the southerly, our divers saw a huge Eagle Ray, Cuttlefish, Black Cod, Kingfish and some monster Spanish Dancers in the Gutters.
Congratulations to David, Phoebe and Helen who finished their PADI Freediver Course today.
The next Freediver course will be the 13th and 14th of July!!
Temp 21C
Vis 10-18m