19th July 2021 – Shark’s, Eagle Ray’s, a Seal and tonnes of fish life!

2 weeks ago


After a few windy and swelly days, today we took 2 Wild out to South Solitary for a double dive.

First dive we rolled in at Manta Arch, where we spotted approximately 15+ Grey Nurse Sharks including a few large pregnant females in addittion to Black Cod, schooling Travelly, and a few Moray Eels.

During our surface interval we even had a surprise visitor, a SEAL. It popped up a few times next to the boat to have a cheeky look at our divers.

The second dive we descended down Shark gutters, and checked out the top end of the island including the gutters and the Boulder Wall. Highlights include more Grey Nurse Sharks, 4 Eagle Ray’s, Lionfish, lots of large pregnant Wobbegong Sharks, and amazing fish life.

Congrats to Jess who completed her PADI Advanced Course and Darren who finished his final speciality as apart of his PADI Master Scuba Diver certificate. Well done!!

Visibility: 8-10m
Water Temperature: 18-19 degrees C