1st February 2016 – Giant Bull Ray visits South Solitary Island

4 years ago

Bullray at South Solitary Island by Jetty Dive

With a very small number of people on the Wild Fin this morning we made our way out to South Solitary Island. The surface conditions at the lighthouse were perfect and the visibility was about 15m.
Dive one was at Buchanan’s Wall and Dive two was a Drift from Cleaner Station around to The Gantry, both dives had a lot to see including Black Cod, Moray Eels, Turtles, Kingfish, Nudibranchs, Eastern Blue Gropers, Cobia, Lionfish and a huge Bull Ray on boulder wall.
Congratulations to Justin for experiencing the underwater world for the first time on his Discover Scuba Dive today!!!

Vis – 10-15m
Temp – 23C