21st January 2019- Water and Action warms up at South Solitary Island

1 year ago

It looked promising when we had 22c water temp just outside the harbour and then 24.5c at South Solitary on the boat sounder, however it wasn’t quite as good at depth. Nice blue warm water temp of 23c at the surface, but dropping to 21c and feeling cooler in patches and at depth.

Plenty of action about with sightings of Hammerheads in two locations, along with a few Grey Nurse sharks on the Northern side and 20 MORE GREY NURSES in our secret gutter. Shovelnose Rays, Bull Rays and Black Cod topped off the Big Fish varieties. Still heaps of nudibranchs out for all to see, along with an elusive Blue Angelfish.

Visibility improved to 15 mtrs

Water Temp was a cool 20c at the lowest point on the bottom and a nice 23c in the shallows.