23rd January 2019 – Hammer Heads and 25m Visibility

1 year ago

Hammer Head Shark North Solitary Island 2 October 2015 by Jetty Dive

Surface conditions were not as good as yesterday but visibility and water temperature were still very nice!!
Dive one was at Buchanan’s Wall and the visibility was an easy 25-30m down deep although it was a few degrees cooler down there. Lots of huge Wobbegongs, a friendly Eastern Blue Groper and a few Anglerfish down deep.
Dive two was a drift from Shark Gutters around to The Gantry we had lots of Nudibranchs spotted including a nearly 2 foot long Spanish Dancer!! There were a few Grey Nurse Sharks near Cleaner Station mooring, Black Cod, Turtles, Shovel Nose Ray near The Gantry and a school of 10-15 Hammerhead Sharks near North Boulder.
Congratulations to Lachlan, Sebastian, and Tristan who all become Open Water Divers today!!!
Temp 21-24C
Visibility 18-30m