25th May 2019 – Fantastic conditions at South Solitary Island

7 months ago

Mantis Shrimp at South Solitary Island 25 July 2015 by Jetty Dive

Wildfin and 2Wild headed out to South Solitary Island this morning spotting some breaching Humpbacks on the way. We had divers get in at both Shark Gutters and Manta Arch for our  first dive, spotting plenty of Grey Nurse sharks, along with a cheeky Hawksbill turtle, Bull rays and plenty of nudibranchs in Cleaner Station Cave. Dive two was a great drift down the island with divers spotting  two Mantis Shrimp, Crayfish, more turtles, schooling fish and two graceful Mobula rays.

Congratulations to Kade on finishing his Open Water Dive Course and Noah who completed his Advance Open Water Course.

Vis: 20-25 metres

Water Temp: 22 degrees