27th July 2019- Sharks galore at Boulder Wall

1 year ago

Forecast looked great for today, however a northerly chop made it slower going on the way out to South Solitary Island. A bit of swell had built overnight too, so the northern end of the island was sloppy, but the best choice to dive.

Dive 1 was around Cleaner Station, whilst Dive 2 was a trip down and back along Boulder Wall. Both dives had Grey Nurse Sharks and a couple of friendly Wobbegong sharks cruised very close by. The northern end of Boulder Wall was a highlight with 15 or so Grey Nurse in the area. Along the wall they spotted a turtle or two and also came across a Cuttlefish hiding in the sand. (quite unusual for our cuttlefish). The visibility improved and surge decreased down Boulder Wall to end with a nice dive.

Visibility 10-15 mtrs

Temp – a not too bad 20c   (felt like 21c!)