2nd December 2018-Two Island dive and snorkel Day

6 months ago


We dived and snorkelled both islands today, with some great sites to see on both. Dive 1 started at Cleaner Station with a few Grey Nurse Sharks in the gutter. Tarwhine and Silver Trevally were everywhere, along with heaps of Goatfish and Surgeonfish.  Cruising around on a slight current to the gap, we caught site of heaps more fish and a sleepy turtle. We finished off with a Big Bull ray getting cleaned by some Butteryflyfish.
Dive 2 at Split Solitary was not as clean, but the saw a few Wobbegongs and schools of Pomfreds along with all the little critters.

Visibility was 10 mtrs at Split Solitary and out to 15 mtrs at South Solitary.  Temp 22.5c